Who missed some undeniably funny commentary on the latest news in the rap game? You guys*
Who missed the best updates related to all things important in the NBA?
YOU guys*
Who missed the unfiltered opinions of a bills fan who is close to giving up on the team but knows he won’t?
Who missed my takes on anything I find interesting?

First off let me formally apologize to each and every one of you who have been waiting in the corner, all alone, just for me to post another thing on here after (goes and looks and previous posts to see when the last one was) 3 months of nothing at all. You all must be wondering what I’ve been up to these past 3 months and honestly I’m also wondering the same thing.

To get back into it, I’m going to write blogs on some of the major things I missed over the few months as well as keeping up on the current events. So be ready for album reviews, Bills hate and some NBA love. On a serious note (sorry) if you like what I’m doing please share/comment/tweet/etc. So I don’t feel like a crazy person talking to myself.

*By “you guys” I mean the handful of people who read this every once in awhile and that one guy who visited the site an absurd amount of times a couple days ago even though I was basically dead.

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