When is it too late to have a self-titled album? I feel like you can do it on your first album or you can’t do it at all. Maybe that’s just me or maybe its the new “me-me-me” culture we hear allllll about nowadays. But that’s not the point. The point is that we, as a country, are getting a new Future album.

Future does this every year, he drops a new album in the beginning of the year, normally in February. Death, Taxes and an early Future album. And every year I get more excited than the last. This year he said he wants to be more underground than he’s become. Also, there are no features which I’ve heard once or twice means you’re guaranteed to go platinum (queue the J Cole fans saying whatever they say). These are the types of things that fuel the Future flame that wakes me up in the morning.

The last 2 songs he’s had were Used to This and a feature on a Maroon 5 song. Used to this was/is/will be a certified jam. I listened to the Maroon 5 song once, didn’t hate it but probably won’t listen to it again so there’s that.

I’ll put up an album review in a couple days because I’m not a one listen guy. Also, complex says its available on Spotify but I can’t find it so either their lying or I’m dumb with an option that both are true.

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