Since it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything at all that means it has been even longer since I wrote anything about the one and only Buffalo Bills. I could write a few shorter blogs on each of these things but said “screw it, one take or no take.” The official season is over, the Bills went 7-9, and draft season craziness is upon us: so lets get this train rolling.

Tyrod Taylor
I think everyone can admit that T-Mobile has been the most fun QB the bills have had this side of Jim Kelly. His athleticism and ability to not really turn the ball over should make him the perfect compliment to LeSean McCoy. That is until you realize he is SO. FUCKING. SHORT.*insert clap emojis* He can throw the deep ball really well but literally can only see linemen’s helmets when he tries to throw over the middle. He’s averaging less than 200 passing yards a game and I can’t us winning anything with a passing game like that. I know, I know, I know. A lot of that has to do with our run first game plan and Tyrod throwing to maybe the worst WR I’ve ever seen when Sammy Watkins is out aka all the time.

The bottom line is we have to pay him a lot of money if we don’t cut him but the only other options are free agents, the draft or Cardale Jones. Personally, I really really want Kirk Cousins but there’s no chance the Redskins don’t franchise him. If we get Tony Romo I might kill myself. I don’t really trust the QBs in this draft or Cardale Jones. GOD FORBID we keep EJ Manuel and let him start, I may shoot up the whole city.

Stephon Gilmore
I can’t really explain how much I hate Stephon Gilmore. The epitome of inconsistency. Every 1 in 4 games he plays quite well but he regularly blows game after game, coverage after coverage. Then he comes out and says he wants to be paid like a top 5 cornerback in the league! THE WHOLE LEAGUE! I’m convinced he doesn’t watch any other NFL games. He just sees that he is the 2nd best CB on the team so he thinks that means he’s top 5 in the league. It’s fucking bizarre. I’m over him.

Sean McDermott
The complete anti-Rex. Which I think is exactly what the Bills need. We don’t need another cartoon character. We need an actual coach. I don’t really have much to say on him until the season starts and we can see how it goes.

The Draft
We have the 10th overall pick in a draft where all the top picks are supposed to be stars. I’ve seen some reports saying 1-20 will all be very good. The all holy Mel Kiper has us picking Deshaun Watson. Obviously this is very dependent on what we do with Tyrod Taylor. If we cut him and strike out in free agency we will NEED to pick a QB at some point. I don’t mind Watson, proving himself in a clutch situation against a historic college defense.

The other option we’re tied with is Pat Mahomes. I hear he is good but I can’t believe he will be good in the NFL. He doesn’t have the name to be a good NFL QB. Pat Mahomes is not a QB, Pat Mahomes can be an TE though. I’ll think about it if he changes his position, until that: I’m out.


Those are my thoughts on the state of the Bills. Honestly, I’m a few bad breaks away from changing teams (I always say that but have never pulled the trigger).