1. Spurs – They beat the Warriors
  2. Cavs – Didn’t beat the Warriors
  3. Warriors – Back to the 3-1, not good
  4. Clippers – Classic regular season heroes over here
  5. Rockets – May be 2-2 but James Harden is not only the best SG in the league but also the PG in the league (no offense Paul George)
  6. Trailblazers – In the NBA Damian Lillard is a top 5 scorer PLUS he’s a top 1 rapper
  7. Thunder – Westbrook is an alien and Adams is Australian
  8. Bulls – I guess Dwayne Wade decided to practice his 3 point shot? Who woulda thought that would help
  9. Jazz – Beat the Spurs
  10. Celtics – Brad “Wonderkid” Stevens
  11. Hawks – They are the mini-Spurs so they drop 10
  12. Timberwolves – No bias I promise
  13. Raptors – Gotta remember that they’re the best team in Canada
  14. Bucks – Giannis is a 7’2 point guard so there’s that
  15. Pacers – I still have faith in Paul George
  16. Heat – Fucking Pat Riley man. Fucking Pat Riley
  17. Hornets – Kemba Walker is that dude but I guess that people in Charlotte root for the Warriors because Steph is from there? That’s real bad for team morale
  18. Knicks – You just can’t put a team with Melo, DRose and Porzingis in the bottom third of the league
  20. Grizzlies – They are just so old and injury prone
  21. Lakers –  May be the most exciting team to watch this side of the TWolves
  22. Mavs – Donde le Dirk? They haven’t won but Dirk is bound to do something
  23. Kings – They don’t even have a college level offense without Cousins
  24. Nuggets – I fuck with Emmauel Mudiay
  25. Pelicans – Remember when Anthony Davis was god? KAT > AD
  26. Suns – Also fuck with Devin Booker
  27. Magic –  We need more Mario
  28. 76ers – Joel “The process” Embiid putting up nasty stats with a min restriction
  29. Wizards – They are just a bad bad franchise
  30. Nets – Jeremy Lin is the face of your franchise and I think he cries himself to sleep most nights. That is all


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