Looks like we got another case of the Brett Favres over here. Percy Harvin was retired and now he’s not. The difference is that Brett retired because he was old, Percy was kinda old but was liable of dying on the field.

Well what does this do for the Bills? Lets get it straight, we are not getting the Urban Meyer version of Percy Harvin but it somewhat addresses the WR problem we definitely have. With Sammy out, we do not have a WR1. Robert Woods is a great blocking receiver/WR3 but we have him as a feature roll which is NOT acceptable. Marquis Goodwin is fast as fuck but that’s about it. And those 2 may also be out. Signing Harvin gives us something more than Justin Hunter/Brandon Tate/Reggie Bush as our WRs. What else are we supposed to do?

Well we can trade for Josh Gordon. The Browns don’t want/hate him. He isn’t even reinstated in the NFL yet, but he is out of rehab. He has problems but so does Justin Hunter and we gave him a shot. The plus side of Josh Gordon is that he has the potential to be the best receiver ever. So throw some late picks at the Browns and try to get Josh Gordon back on the field. Please Doug Whaley please.

If you think I’m an idiot for wanting Josh Gordon/ thinking it’s ok to sign Percy tweet at me @WhiteBoredTay and say it to my virtual face.