So JR’s dog turned one and he had an elaborate party in classic Swish matter. When’s the last time he ever turned down an opportunity to party? Never. And they say pets take after their owners so this is one dirty dog (pun intended). So the story isn’t the party or how crazy it was because that is just another day in the life of Earl Smith III. The real story is that this dog is alive.

This is a weird to approach to this because no one likes seeing animals die or talking about it but would you have ever guessed that Smith was responsible enough to take care of a dog? What about for a whole year? We just watched him party his shirt off for an entire summer which is 25% of this dogs life. And don’t try to tell me he paid someone to do it because that is whole other level of responsibility he would have to deal with. The only possible explanation is that this dog is the strongest, most resilient dog of all time.Or that it’s on coke. The dogs on coke.

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