I remember those days, it was about 4 weeks ago. Where Rex Ryan is playing his old team, we’re playing our old QB and he smokes us for 370 yards and 26 points. Fucking Fitzmagic. That guy not only beat us at home on a Thursday Night in front of the nation but slaughtered us. Looking back it’s even worse because last night he got benched for Geno Fucking Smith and the Jets have become so so bad.

Looking back farther, I remember the days when we had a Geno Smith, EJ Maunel. Drafted 16th overall even though his college coach said he wasn’t ready to play pro ball. We went through a couple painful years with him but the difference was he wasn’t a fuck who got punched in the face by his own teammates over like 50 cents. EJ seemed like a nice guy who just couldn’t figure it out.

If you wanna look back even farther, we had our own Ryan “Harvard” Fitzpatrick days. The classic “he looks okay but never good” days. The “top out at 9-7” days. The “I can’t believe I’m a fan of this team” days. So here’s to us Bills fans, we are no longer the Jets.*


*Except when we lose a heartbreaker to the Jets at the end of the season to not make the playoffs, then we are the Jets again and will be forever.

Sidenote: Jets fans – I would’ve said at least you’re not the Dolphins but they just beat the Steelers so I’m not sure anymore.

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