It’s officially one week until the NBA season and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m already sick of the NHL and hockey fans. The NFL isn’t fun to watch anymore. Baseball is about to be over because Cleveland is just sweeping team after team. So logically all there is for anyone to look forward to is the NBA and I have so many questions I want answered.
Will the Warriors lose a game? Obviously to the TWolves.
Is Russell Westbrook an alien? Most probably.
Did I pick another perpetual loser by being a fan of the Timberwolves? I hope not.

There’s a lot more questions but since the season hasn’t started we won’t get into them. We’ll (I) will get into some predictions. No one really likes other people predictions, unless they are the same as yours, so I won’t get into explaining why I picked these but instead do a rapid fire type deal.

MVP: Kawhi Leonard
DPOY: Kawhi Leonard
Scoring Champ: Kevin Durant
COY: Mike D’Antoni
ROY: Kris Dunn
Most Improved: Andrew Wiggins
6th Man of the Year: Ricky Rubio

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