45-16, who woulda thought? I think most people expected a win, but a 30 point blow out is a completely  different story. Thats so many points and it brings us to the #1 point differential in the NFL at +59, putting us 1 point ahead of the Pats in that category. To be completely honest I was kinda scared that it would be close enough that the Bills (in classic Buffalo fashion) would fuck it up in the 4th quarter. This is because they benched Blaine Gabbert. I know that Kaepernik has been awful the past 2 years, but he’s had success at some point and is an ideal QB for Chip Kelly. Plus, as an opposing team you always want to play Blaine Gabbert over any other quarterback. He has never been good and never will be. Death, Taxes and a shitty Blaine Gabbert.

Finally Rex Ryan’s defense is looking like a defense from the son of Buddy Ryan. I can not wait for Marcell and Shaq to get back into the lineup. They’re probably gonna be limited for a couple weeks but it doesn’t matter cuz Lorenzo Alexander and Zach Brown are playing out of their minds so we actually have the ability to slowly bring them in. Then once they’re ready to roll our D should be firing on all cylinders and even better because we can rotate them out so they don’t get tired.

Offense? Someone should find Greg Roman and put him on suicide watch. Since we fired him we have yet to score less than 30/lose. This has also been without Sammy Watkins. Our run offense has been outta control with Shady looking like an MVP candidate if we keep this up. It’s hard to judge passing when we rely on the run so much but I would like to see T be a little more accurate, he was great last year with that so its not impossible. Besides that the Bills are finally fun to watch again and not just because we are winning. If Sammy can make it back for the last 4-5 games of the season it should really help with a playoff push if were still in it and I couldn’t be more excited.

Side note: I went to the game and sat in the Goal Line Club (humble brag?) and what’s with that being soundproofed. Being at the game at not hearing the crowd is so strange, open a window 1 time for me.

Another Side note: At work we’re doing squares for every game and I had Bills:8 49ers:6. Those are awful numbers but of course we were only a field goal away from getting it. Only way it could’ve been worse was if Dan had missed a field goal.

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