Here’s the thing, I’m not a big fan of hockey. I know I’m from Buffalo, I know that’s basically Canada so pucks, sticks and Zambonis should be my favorite thing, but it is not. I find hockey to be the most boring sport of the 4 major sports to watch. I’ll digress before I get too heated but the more I hear about the difference between Conor McDavid and Jack Eichel the happier I am about not liking hockey.

The fact that Eichel is hurt now, even though it’s only a sprain, is such a Buffalo move I can’t handle it. They say it’s a high ankle sprain but the other players said he went down screaming and writhing in pain. And there’s no time table for a return, great. We lose the lottery of all lotteries, then even though the #2 pick is also very very good, he gets hurt before the season starts. Hey Sabres, if you want me to become interested in the team you gotta figure it out. It’s similar to what I just wrote about with the Bills and Sammy but with so much more heartbreak.

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