I feel like I Buffalo we aren’t talking about this enough. We traded up to the 4 spot to get Sammy and so far he has been hurt almost as much as he’s played. And when he has been in the game he has been playing hurt. I know the Browns have cut everyone they received from that trade but it’s the Browns, I would hope we could do a little better than them, even if we are Buffalo.

That class was STACKED with WRs: OBJ, Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Jarvis Landry, Brandin Cooks. The only ones that would’ve been gone at our original spot were Sammy and Mike Evans. I’m not out here saying were idiots for not drafting Odell. No one knew he would’ve been that good that fast plus he’s a maniac. My favorite would’ve been Mike Evans but we could’ve gotten Kelvin Benjamin without trading/ losing the next year’s first round pick. And blah blah blah about Kelvin Benjamin missing last year, he’s back and better while Sammy has chronic foot pain that can’t be fixed by surgery.

He clearly has the talent and if these past 3 weeks have shown anything it’s that Greg Roman was probably the problem but the best ability is availability and he have Robert Fucking Woods as our #1 receiver. I can’t handle that, I just can’t. Who knows if Sammy will get better? But it seems like every other team is finding WRs in their couch cushions while we sign Justin Hunter and pray Sammy gets better.