I really have no idea where I sit on this. On one hand Dwayne Carter Jr. seems a lot older than a mere 34 years old. But then again how does someone with Lil Wayne’s lifestyle live to 34? I’m pretty sure he invented lean and the double styrofoam cup life. Every time he flies he basically goes into a coma because apparently having more codeine than good ol’ O2 in your body is a bad thing.

Buuuut he sounds like (his voice and his ramblings) a man well into his 50s if not 60s. He also has contemplated retirement! Who does that a 34 years young? Side note: if i was that rich I would retire at any age. Or maybe its the fact that he has a family and the thought of being a father is so many lightyears away from me that I can not relate on any level.

Well anyways here is the first Lil Wayne song that became my favorite song. Enjoy.

-Its definitely the lean