The Ends
Not only do we get a Andre 3k feature but we also get La Flame matching his flow. Solid way to start an album.

Way Back
Travis said he wanted all the songs to be anthems and this hook will have everyone chucking up 3s saying way back thinking they’re James Harden. But its such a dick move to tease Kid Cudi with just his humming, that what we call some bull shit in the biz.

When people talk at the beginning of a song it’s a big thing to overcome because the song has to be great to justify sitting through it. When the drums come in with the line “coordinate the xan with the lean in my rockstar skinnies” it legitimately makes me feel like a rockstar so I guess it’s worth it.
Flat 4/5

Through the Late Night
The tease is worth it! A Kid Cudi Verse from the clouds (not really because we knew they were working together but kinda really because..  you know.. marijuana clouds). And Travis respects his favorite rapper with the first 2 bars of his verse, kinda cool. But speaking of being a rockstar this is exactly what I think they do. Sleeping through the day to party all night. What a life.

Beibs in the Trap
NO IDEA who Nav is but I like him. That chorus is so catchy and reaffirms my want to join the lean life, it looks cool and Jolly Ranchers?? I may just be blind to this but I didn’t know that was a thing> Jolly Ranchers are so good and you can’t ever have too many.

SDP Interlude
Instead of the classic people talking interlude we get the line “smoke one, drink one, pop one” over and over and over. Surprisingly you don’t get sick of it as fast as you think you would and probably still better than people talking. Weird.

Sweet Sweet
Travis’s favorite song of the album. I honestly don’t think I can review this cuz for some idiotic reason I thought it was spelled suite suite and am so rattled.

WE AINT GOIN IN!!! Not sure why I love this song so much but its so fun. Just listen and you’ll figure it out or you’re probably dead.
(Admittedly biased) 5/5

Probably the song everyone went to first when they saw Kendrick was on it. I did. But besides a Kendrick verse it’s another song with a great chorus, it looks like travis is fulfilling his promise. Mandatory best Kendrick line: Peter, piper, picked a pepper/
So I could pick your brain and put your heart together.

First Take
My least favorite song on the album. It’s not bad but I just don’t really fuck with it. I’ve never been really on the Bryson Tiller train and this is that type of song.

Pick up the Phone
One of the best singles ever. We all know the song.

I think the theme of this album is being famous (I know very relatable) but this puts it in relatable perspective. Everyone has things to lose if they fuck up but imagine the consequnces when you have so much? I know kinda deep my b. Also sample though.

Some of my favorite production on the album along with some of my least favorite lyrics. I hate being in confused but that really puts me in a pickle on how to rate this so lets just roll the dice.

When this came out with A-Team on soundcloud I was in love. They represent Travis as an artist so perfectly, the production and arrangement. The collaboration with the Weeknd. All so good.


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