So THat Part breaks into the Top 40 for Q’s 2nd time and Kanyes 40th. 40 times!!! Which is crazy because his past couple albums aren’t that radio friendly so climbing the charts has become harder for Ye. He’s currently in 10th for most Top 40 records by a male all time. For someone as constovesial as Kanye that’s pretty good but at the same time from a self proclaimed genius you would expect more. But remember that geniuses are loved more after their time. 

Here’s the list:

  1. 80 — Elvis Presley
  2. 69 — Lil Wayne
  3. 57 — Elton John
  4. 53 — Drake
  5. 46 — Stevie Wonder
  6. 45— Jay Z
  7. 44 — James Brown
  8. 42 — Chris Brown
  9. 41 — Marvin Gaye
  10. 40 — Kanye West

Lil Wayne having 69 is so fitting that you may not even laugh at the 69. But the craziest thing isn’t even Drake having 53 even though that’s so high for him being younger. It’s that Chris Brown is even on this list. Unless we’re talking about different Chris Browns I’m utterly confused. I mean Yo (Excuse Me Miss) is a jam and so is Kiss Kiss but he’s basically stopped making music. I can rattle off a few other CB songs but not 42.