UFC 202 AKA The one with Conor McGregor AKA The real UFC 200 AKA the important one.

I’m not a big MMA guy but ever since I became a dual citizen I fully embraced Conor McGregor. He is my Fighting Jesus. Well Jesus 2.0 is fighting at the end of this month so it’s time to rally the troops. I’ve seen on twitter that he’s been taking his training very seriously (duh) but that’s about it. Until recently. There has been some talk between him and Nate Diaz (who I think he’s supposed to fight)

But since I’m new to this world of MMA it’s really hard to tell what’s going on. It seems as if they can just switch the card at the bat of an eye? It doesn’t make sense at all. One second I’m thinking that Conor is fighting Diaz then i see this:

I’m not totally sure what is going on but I’m excited. Mostly bexause I watched this video:

Plus he’s been training with a proven winner/most attractive man on the planet.

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