Let’s Go Frank!!!! It’s been too long. Luckily we haven’t had to wait too long for some stuff from Frank. Remember that one verse a couple months ago? Yeah me too. And it’s been reported a few times that Frank is one of the most reliable guys in the game when it comes to dates so it looks like we’ll be getting some Boys Don’t Cry on Friday #FrankIsBack

For real though that one verse on Wolves that Kanye eventually gave its own track on TLOP (Shoutout Ye) isn’t nearly enough to make it through this amount of time without a single peep from Frank. We (yes I’m speaking for the whole universe here) need to be able to listen to multiple tracks of your beautiful voice. You were given a gift to share with the world and you aren’t doing it. No one has heard harmonies like yours before and you keep on hiding them, it isn’t fair. Hopefully this isn’t some classic Frank shenanigans and it actually comes out Friday. A Travis Scott and Frank Ocean album on the same day may be too much to handle. My heart tells me that this time it is the real deal and I hope I’m right because my heart can’t handle that.

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