Chance the Rapper. Chance the Vocal Dancer. Chance the Long Lost Hero of Never Ever After.

Bam. Bars from Tay. Hope it makes up for me being super late on this one but I wanted to give it proper time to settle in with me after multiple listens (AKA I was kinda lazy).

A name like Coloring Book is such a perfect name for a mixtape that has such child like  references to Dragon Ball Z, multiple references to Harry Potter and an allegorical song involving drugs/love/Peter Pan. Plus, who hates coloring books? Ironically, this mixtape is a not within the lines of hip hop at all. It can make you feel like you’re sitting in a church. It also makes some of us wanna dance how we haven’t before (cough cough white males). It makes nostalgia turn into eagerness. Most importantly is makes you feel like everything will be okay.

All We Got ft. Kanye
And we back, and we back and we back! The words everyone wanted to here. A very similar opening few seconds to Good Ass Into on Acid Rap. This song sets the perfect scene of how the mixtape is going to go. A whole bunch of emotion channeled through his voice and flawlessly switching between family, music and religion. And to silence everyone who was afraid religion would take over the whole thing Chance graced (pun intended) us with all around great bars from the get-go.

This ain’t no intro, this the entree
Hit that intro with Kanye and sound like André
Tryna turn my baby mama to my fiancée
She like music, she from Houston, like Auntie Yoncé

No Problem ft. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne
“The summer hit everyone needs!!!”
“The hook heard around the world”
Those quotes are said by me but someone else probably said them too so lets pretend it was a real critic or something like that. This song sends a pretty clear message to all labels that they’re not gonna get Chance and they should probably stop trying. Pulling out some big names as features here to follow up a feature from Kanye. Side note but 2 Chainz has a top nickname of all time: Tity Boi. Think about that. A 38 year old rapper is called Tity Boi.

Ooh, watch me come and put the hinges in their hands
Countin’ Benjis while we meetin’, make ’em shake my other hand

Summer Friends ft. Francis & The Lights and Jeremih
Have you ever what a summer in the southsideof Chicago was like? Chano describes it vividly here with his own POV twist. When the drums kick in and you can’t stop bopping your head for some unknown reason it is a safe bet that the song is really good. Chance is on top of his flows on this one, impressing in the first verse and topping it in the second. Then the Jermih outro is one of the few things in life worth waiting to the end for.

Mama hair salon doing perms out the arm chair
Daddy workin late, he treat the crib like its a timeshare
I would mow some lawns
Fold my ones like a lawn chair

D.R.A.M. Sings Special
The “interlude” of the album is 1 minute and 41 seconds of positive reinforcement for everyone. D.R.A.M. sings a loop of “You are very special” and lines like that over a nice (not good but relaxing?) beat.

The first religion based song on the album. But Chance delivers again with a solid Donnie Trumpet feature on the horns. Chance uses religion to help us to relate to his famous life (even if you are religious it helps) plus he drops lines like this:

I’m at war with my wrongs, I’m writing four different songs
I never forged it or forfeited, I’m a force to be reconciled
They want four minute songs
You need a four hour praise dance performed every morn
I’m feeling shortness of breath, so Nico grab you a horn
Hit Jericho with a buzzer beater to end a quarter
Watch brick and mortar fall like dripping water, ugh!

So you can’t be too mad about the religion thing.

Same Drugs
My God I love this song. It took awhile for it to grow on me but I could do a whole post breaking down Chance’s lyrics. Not only is the song an allegory (allegory = the song isn’t actually about drugs) but there’s Peter Pan references to give the nostalgic feel. PLUS the way Chance figuratively dances all over the piano with his flow could make me smile 100 times out of 100. Especially in the outro where he’s starting and stopping whenever he wants and rhyming on any beat but still pulling it all together to sound perfect. Or in the second verse when he says “I was too late, I was too late” So good.

When did you change?
Wendy you’ve changed

Mixtape ft. Young Thug and Lil Yachty
Recruiting Young Thug and Lil Boat on a song about Mixtapes is great. They are the newest rappers to ride the mixtape wave and get big off of no albums. This song is another banger and to show how good it is here’s a little tidbit for you: Chance has the weakest verse on the song. Not a shot at him, he kills his verse but this is a Thugger And Yachty type of song. Not only that but Thugger breaks out a new flow for us while Yachty talks about his life story.

I got a link in my bio,my bitch do the salsa like pico de gallo
They gotta ask if they may, Cinco de Mayo
How can they call themselves bosses
When they got so many bosses
You gotta see what your boss say
I get it straight out the faucet

Angels ft Saba
The single from the album still “lit” even though we’ve had it for awhile. The Chicago kid himself proclaims he has his cit doing front flips, and he may actually. The crazy part about this song is that its about dead people and angels but Chance turns it into a two stepper everyone loves.

I ain’t change my number since the seventh grade
This for my day one, ten years, seven days
A week, niggas never tired on they Kevin Gates
And if they rest in peace they bunny hopping heaven’s gates

Juke Jam ft Towkio and Justin Bieber
Another song where he just dances over he beat like its nothing. Plus he got JB to do the bridge which is a pretty solid cosign. This is the first I’ve heard of Towkio but his voice is so cool and compliments Biebs perfectly. This is a nice slow jam for cruising around in.

You had a nigga, I couldn’t stand him
But when they play “Take You Down”, Chris Brown
I am his stand-in
I mean it’s just dancing
It’s harmless as fuck
Then I put my waist through your hips
And your legs and my arms just to harness you up

All Night ft. Knox Fortune 
Bring out all thee Chicago you have!! How much Chicago influence this has its actually laughable. Fun Fact: the chorus is  a guy not a girl. One of the most fun songs to listen to of the century. Not sure how else to explain it besides that so you’ll just have to listen and agree.

All you do is talk, I ain’t got shit to say
Can’t no one get in my car, I don’t even valet
Long discussions, oh, you my cousin?
No you wasn’t, you just wanna ride
You just wanna talk about politics, Chicago shit and rocket ships

How Great ft Jay Electronica
The most religious song by far. It opens with a chorus singing “How great is our god” for like 2 and a half minutes straight. But then again Chance makes up for it by having an amazing verse and getting a Jay Electronica verse. I personally skip to bout 2:30 to avoid that whole chorus part. Even with a long verse from each of them the best part is 100% Jay Electronica saying he’s coming for the rap game this year. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for forever.

Shabach barak, edify
Electrify the enemy like Hedwig till he petrified
Any petty Peter Petigrew could get the pesticide

Smoke Break ft Future
ANOTHER ONE! It’s another allegory where he says drugs but doesn’t mean drugs. In this song he’s actually talking about how him and his girl don’t have much alone time anymore since they had a kid. Then we get a Future verse where he vents about Ciara and Future Jr. which is always the best Future.

We just been smoking a bowl
We don’t got no time to roll
I’m always out on the road
She don’t got time for a whole
Little bit of time that we have
We used to purchase a half

Finish Line/ Drown 
A two part song and if were being honest Finish Line is much much better. Chance just having fun with it. The crazy part is that the beat is almost all acapella led by T-Pain. Plus you get a nice little solo verse from T-Pain which everyone should always look forward too.

I got to pray I got to pray, like Hammer after “2 Legit”
I got the power I could poke Lucifer with crucifix
I cannot scrap the stupid shit
I “Stand Up” like I’m Ludacris
I know some folks that talk so much you’d think they drive an Uber whip

A perfect way to end the album. It’s basically an aside to his fans where he says exactly how he is feeling. “I speak of prmosed lands” “The peoples champ must be everything the people can’t be” “They never seen a rapper practice modesty” The rap game is now in Chance’s hand, he knows it and he’s gonna try to make it the best place he can.

I’m pre-currency, post-language, anti-label
Pro-famous, I’m Broadway Joe Namath
Kanye’s best prodigy
He ain’t signed me but he proud of me

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