Don’t ask me how because I am not 100% sure myself but today I found myself down a really strange rabbit hole. I someone ended up on a picture of David Banner today. Yes the same David Banner that made Play. Remember him? Well the picture looks like this:


Look at that thing!!! If that isn’t the beard of someone winning the battle against Father Time then I’m not sure what is. It looks so sophisticated while also just in your face. The perfect blend of “Imma fuck yo bitch” and “old and wise” which is exactly what we want from the rapper who rapped the lyrics:

“Bend it over let me see it from the back/ Work your thumb in it girl, I love it like that/ Freaky ass hoes love freaky ass men/ Lemme work ya slow, let me see it going in”

You can just feel the wisdom from him even at his younger age.


For real though how great would it be to see him performing his song now?


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