I don’t know if you’ve watched anything with Action Bronson but in case you haven’t this is GREAT news.Whenever he is on camera it is laugh out loud funny, with his all time interview probably coming from Highly Questionable. He’s a big, fat, white, read headed rapper who is always way too high and has a crazy beard. That basically spells out entertainment.

This show though is something else. It seems like every episode is a full episode of Ancient Aliens so its kinda long but full of some good stuff. Like Action Bronson smoking a join the size of a funnel and asking how to say evolution. This episode features Tyler the Creator who is one of the craziest people ever, and he doesn’t do drugs! He’s just weird, like he was talking about a funnel cake he ate and how it was beautiful tasting or some shit. There’s one part where Action Bronson is jut getting a manicure by some girl and when she sprays some lotion on his hand he knows that its almond, bizarre.

It’s long so it may be better to skip around, or you could watch the whole thing and learn some stuff about aliens.

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