Am I going crazy? Everyone I personally talk to says they are super disappointed in Views but then I turn around and it’s back on the top spot. Are people lying to me? Or slipping me crazy pills? I’m also disappointed in Views, I like maybe 5 songs off of it and like the sane person I am I don’t keep listening to it since I don;t like it.

I think that may be why he’s still on top.  People are just listening to it even though they don’t like it. Most of the world is crazy or stupid, if not both, so that lines up. The only other explanation I can think of is that there are a lot more people in Canada than I thought. I’m from Buffalo so I thought my “US Knowledge of Canada” was pretty on point but I may be wrong.

Maybe Canadians count geese and moose as people.

Why are Canada’s two most famous animals have fucked up plural forms?


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