So KimYe were the cover of a magazine and when Kanye was asked about what his thoughts were on Kim’s nude selfies he answered that he loved them. Obviously you love them dude!!! Everyone loves getting a quick nude from their SO but its different. Us normal people have to beg and beg then we get a quick 3 second Snapchat and a $200 dinner bill. But Kim is posting them for the whole world to see at any random time, all willy nilly and shit.

I can’t sit here and believe that Kanye is okay with that. The whole world is a lot of people and Kanye is a little bit of a narcissist if you didn’t know. He has to care that people are probably jerking off to his wife every second of the day. It’s programmed to be that way in our minds. He may be crazy, a genius, a psychopath, maybe not human but Kanye is still a  guy.


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