“He don’t ever sleep hes a fucking vamp” -Gucci on himself

I know everyone talks about how hard Gucci works but does anyone stop to think about it? Let me throw some numbers at you (these numbers were brought to you by my brain/counting on Spotify so take that as it is). Since he got out of jail about 2 months ago Atlanta’s favorite son has put out 5 projects. 5!! I know you’re saying “But Tay he was in jail for 3 years he has so many song made.” Well here’s another stat from the noggin. Last year, a year he was in jail, he put out about 90 projects. I think it was 91 exactly. Is that even remotely possible? What type of jail did he go to? 91 is almost 2 projects a week. Quick math says that’s over 1000 songs. Let that sink in and get back to me.

Since were talking about Gucci, I have to get something off my chest. Are we not allowed to say #FreeGucci anymore? That was a cultural phenomenon. The OG Damn Daniel. Saying #GuccisHome is great and all but its not the close to same. I don’t wanna tell him to go back to jail but the hashtag will be missed.


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