Yeezy seasons approaching! (To be honest I’m basing this blog totally off that one tweet) I actually don’t like Kanye’s clothes. I get the minimalist look and all that but why the rips and holes? We work pretty hard to not be homeless so why spend so much money that you might become homeless just to look homeless? Is that the circle of life?

With that said, I do like the Yeezy sneakers though. Not the price but the design. So if these young players (and D Rose) wanna work with him I’m 100%  down. How many Grammys does Ye have? 26. That’s success right there, so if the franchise corner of my favorite young team (I’m talking about Andrew Wiggins) wants to team up then I’m smelling championships for years to come.

The funniest thing is that no one of them have talked to Kanye about it. This reporter just asked them if they wanted to and they were like “fuck yeah why not” because you know, its Kanye, even though they have never even considered this once.


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