Real Quick: can you name the most recent Fetty Wap single? Oh you didn’t think he had a song since the album with Trap Queen? Wrong. Have you heard of My Environment? Queen of the Zoo? Westside? Wake Up? Jimmy Choo?  Maaaaybe youve heard the last one. But those are all singles he’s put out since then.

So clearly he hasn’t disappeared but what happened? Trap Queen was the biggest song of last year. He had like 4 other singles off that album became huge hits. And now nothing. It’s not a one hit wonder but more of a one album wonder. Is that going to be the new thing with how fast people are coming out with albums? I could say maybe he will be big again once the album comes out but I’m not feeling that vibe from this situation. I think last year was the year of Fetty and that’s it.


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