This isn’t a review of New English it’s more of my thoughts on it. And my thoughts are this:

-Nothing he did could ever live up to the hype Panda set for it
It’s not every day a 19 year old puts out a song that Kanye then puts on his album and also tops Billboard. No matter how this project went, amazing or horrible, it won’t live up to that hype.

-This isn’t a review but there’s only a few good songs
Da Day, Jet and Overnight. And Jet needs a Pusha feature to make it likeable.

-Didn’t help his case that he sounds like Future
There are some verses that he sounds identical to Future on and then sometimes he sounds like himself. At this point it seems like he’s doing it to mess with Future? Is that a good idea? I have no idea. Actually this project just sounds like an okay Future mixtape.

-The songs are too short
It’s 14 songs but only 36 minutes long. That’s 2.5 min per song buuuuuut one song is 6 min long. That leaves us with 13 songs over 30 min which brings us down to almost 2 min a song. That isn’t nearly enough.

-Everything sounds like Panda
I don’t mean this like “Every Dave Matthews Band song sounds the same” (That’s a quote by me and I will fully stand by it until I die). I mean this like every song is arranged like this: A long ass Hook repeated twice, 1 verse, Hook again. I actually like that set up it’s just something I noticed.

I’m still figuring out how I want to do reviews of albums so maybe this is one? Maybe an unofficial version. I like breaking them down track by track but only certain albums are worth that. That also gets too serious and I want to keep it light and funny but also the best review there is. If anyone reads this please let me know.


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