What has it been 6 months since Lil Yachty came onto the scene? What a crazy life he’s lived over those past 6 months. Have one song blow up, drop outta High School, move to NYC, move back to ATL, drop a mixtape with Quavo and Thugger features, appear on Coloring Book, make a quick mil, drop a second project. All at the age of 18.

I haven’t listened to this new project yet but if history repeats itself (I’ve heard that it does) then I won’t really like the project besides a couple songs. I liked 3 songs of Lil Boat with my main attraction to him being in LOVE with the idea of a mixtape called Lil Boat by Lil Yachty. That’s hilarious. I’ve loved most of his features so I’m gonna guess and say that I’ll like 4 songs off the album but love “Like Wasssup” the song he just dropped.


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