Ciara just filed legal docs in her defamation lawsuit against baby daddy Future, in which she lays out various threats Future has made. In particular, she notes the football emojis with guns pointing in their direction … which Future posted a while back.

She also makes mention of the song he dropped last month, in which he says, “Tryna f*** my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.”

The singer calls Future’s conduct, “frightening” and “socially irresponsible … where there has been a recent rash of gun violence.”

Ciara believes the threat is real, but she doesn’t explain what this has to do with her defamation case.

It’s definitely about him right? If you were engaged to a girl, she had your kid and then pretty quickly after it ended she was dating someone else, you have the right to be mad. Add in the facts that you used to be a drug dealer and that this “someone else” is Russell Wilson. The same Russell Wilson who just randomly gave up having sex, who endorses concussion curing bubbly water and is a black guy who isn’t good at basketball. Lines like “tryna fuck my baby mam dawg whats up with you/ you gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you” are bound to come out. It also happens to be on a song called Juice, which is about OJ Simpson.

Leave all the “but he’s a football player so its kinda a compliment” takes. Dating Future would be 100x better than dating Russell Wilson. Fact. And you know that’d true because Ciara is scared that Future is actually gonna kill him. Something Russell Wilson would never do. Another Fact.


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