The self-proclaimed Rastafarian, white rapper from Connecticut that is blowing up in LA slowly all over the world. Chris Felner aka Felly.

Of all the new artists I’ve been listening to Felly has the most unique feel. He sing-raps but not that new Drake-led R&B/Hip Hop. The signing sounds more natural, not because he’s better, but because of the beats he uses. For the most part his production his piano heavy jazz riffs over the 90s Hip Hop boom bap drums, which the singing sounds good over. His lyrics range from smoking and partying to reflection on his life so far. And the songs can be party hits like Gorilla and Probation to slower jams like This Shit Comes In Waves and Fabrics.

If you like watching videos of rappers live cooler lives than you, then Felly’s Felcams are for you. It’s him and his crew hanging out all over the world just having a good time being “slimy” and shit. To me they are the best put together vlog like this that isn’t professionally produced for a magazine.

He has 3 albums so far: Waking Up to Sirens, Milk and Sugar and This Shit Comes in Waves. They all have songs to vibe to throughout the summer. The list of songs is a little long so stay with me here:

  • Desert Eagle
  • Love
  • 7th King
  • Cella
  • Milk and Sugar
  • White
  • Sun Dance
  • This Shit comes in Waves
  • Club Bang
  • Dope4Yall
  • Leave in the Morning
  • Probation
  • Dirty Pockets
  • Good Wine
  • Fabrics
  • Birth Giving Music

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