7 different songs. 7 shades of Vic (this is funnier if you know a song is called Shades of Blue, I promise). In my humble opinion, Vic has gone from a rapper to a full blown artist. He uses this project to tell us about what’s going on in his life now and he was right There’s A Lot Going On.

It starts off with the song Dynasty and Vic comparing SAVEMONEY to Death Row in ’93. A song that will bring you back to the days of bars over simple beats. 2 verses where Vic’s message is the classic “Here I am, come fuck with me” A solid intro to a solid album.

But then shit starts to get real real with 16 Shots. A song about police brutality by a person who has SOUTHSIDE tatted on their neck. Just lines after lines of in your face anti-cop messages. All of it ends up making sense and seeming not only reasonable, but called for, when you realize that people are getting shot 16 time sin 13 seconds.

The Next 3 songs are the “fun” songs on the project. Fun to listen to but not necessarily the most fun messages. Danger was the single. New Bae uses autotune to sing rap about threesomes. Vic gets original with Liquor Locker and raps over a freaking acoustic guitar.

Then we go back to the sadder parts of life with Shades of Blue (see it’s funny) and There’s A Lot Going On. In Shades of Blue he addresses the Flint water problem and on There’s A Lot Going On he goes in on himself. It’s one long verse about where he is at in life. All in all the album name describes the project perfectly. There is a lot going on in Vic’s life but even more going on in the world. And even as a white, 20 year old male Vic uses 32 minutes of rap to make me understand.

Here it is (I hope).