Let’s start off by clearing the air. I’m not very religious and we’re in the midst of Game of Thrones (for those of those who don’t watch, there are many different gods that all clearly exist).So those two things plus the Thunder blowing a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals only add up to one thing. KD must really be cursed by Lil B.

I’ve thought a lot about this and it is the only thing that makes sense. The Thunder were up 3-1 which is almost impossible to come back from, but the Warriors did. I know the Warriors just set the regular season record but the Thuder looked like the better team the whole series. Not only that but the Warriors haven’t lost that many games that quickly so they had to have been rattled. The only explanation is the curse right?

I’m not a big religious person but I am very open to magic. And the more I think about it, the more I realize magic and religion go hand in hand (source: game of thrones). Well one of the most magic things in the world are curses. And we have proof that this particular curse is real (the previous paragraph counts as hard evidence). Now think about all other gods and tell me if they have this solid of proof in their favor? Can’t think of any within the past century? Longer? Because they don’t have proof!

I don’t know if there are more gods. I don’t know if the Based God can do more than curse people. But I do know that I will always pour some out for Lil B if it’ll keep me safe.


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