Do we really need two? No disrespect to Kid Cudi but when’s the last time he had a good album? Man on the Moon 2? When he’s at his best, Cudder is hard to top, which he proved during his Man on the Moon albums. But the last of those came out in 2010. His new stuff has been real weird and not as good, kinda like Lil Wayne when he decided he really could play the guitar and dropped some rock albu

Maybe he knows this and that’s why he is putting out two albums. He’s like “I’m probably gonna miss bad on one of these so odds are the other should be good” (probably not an exact quote but whatever). I’m going to be optimistic for once and hope that these albums bring out the good vibes, good rhymes Kid Cudi back.

And maybe I’ll be right!! Travis has sounds like vintage Kid Cudi, has an incredible ear for music and has the same punk-rap feel. I still don’t know if he will be able to go 2/2 on the albums this year, but I’m liking the odds of at least a couple great songs.