Do you like to Cha Cha? I think everyone knows that song but not everyone knows who D.R.A.M. is. (If you aren’t sure what song I’m talking about go listen and try not to groove to the Mario Samples). The song feels a lot like a one-hit wonder and most people, including me, thought that was the last of D.R.A.M. Then he pairs up with Lil Yachty and hits the free world with Broccoli. A less dance, more rap based hit that has people walking around the streets rapping about Broccoli. For those not as “hip” with the “hip”hop lingo, broccoli = weed = marijuana.

After I heard Broccoli I decided to check this D.R.A.M. fella out. (Side note: Holy shit is that an annoying ass name to type out with all those periods and capitals). He’s a mix between a rapper and a singer but not in an R&B way like Drake, but more like sometimes he sings and sometimes he raps. Ironically, the song that sold me on him was “$” an R&B song featuring Donnie Trumpet. D.R.A.M’s greatest skill is using his words to make a great flow (think more Migos than Thugger) which is interesting to hear in a singer’s voice instead of a trap rapper.

He’s already started to be recogonized more and more on the national level. Both Cha Cha and Broccoli are topping the charts in their own way. He quite literally has his own song/interlude on Chance’s new mixtape Coloring Book. Which is only like 1 bar repeated over but is incredibly soothing. He seems to be putting music out at the newly popular pace of at least one project a year. Which hopefully gives us a new one this year. If you wanna get on the D.R.A.M.  train here’s my 5 favorite songs that will showcase his versatility.

  1. Broccoli ft. Lil Yachty
    Both verses consist of good bars after good bars. A braggadocio rap song about broccoli, classic. “A couple summers later I acquired taste for salmon on a bagel with the capers on a square plate” I think this is one of my favorite lines ever because I think its hilarious to be talking about lox while also having so many words with “hard a” sounds that you can’t not be impressed.
  2. $ ft Donnie Trumpet
    An R&B song about getting that money. Not the most original ideas for songs but 1) I never promised that and 2)  it’s still incredibly well wrote so go listen.
  3. Cha Cha
    If you don’t like this song go back to your monastery you fun hating weirdo monk.
  4. D.R.A.M Sings Special (on Coloring Book)
    If you want to feel like you’ll be okay go listen to this one. He only sings the words “You are very special” and similar lines over and over. Joy and Bliss guaranteed. What even is bliss?
  5. 2$ ft Mass
    A more traditional rap song over a synth heavy beat closes this list out.