Donnie Trumpet is the best trumpet player I’ve ever heard play, granted the over/under on the number of trumpet players I’ve actually listened to is set at a hard 1. When he plays Jazzy riffs behind rap verses or throws horn jabs into a hook it changes the whole feel of the song, and most of the time, for the better. Even after saying that he’s still just a trumpet player right?

I love the music that he makes don’t get me wrong and he definitely deserves credit for when he is on a song but why are we throwing him features. He’s not giving us a verse! He’s adding to the beat, thus making him a producer. I guess it isn’t that big of a deal in this Forward-Thinking-Hip-Hop Era where production credits are closing in on features in a matter of importance. But the bigger problem lies within how much hype is surrounding him when he gets those “features.”  People are acting as if it’s Kendrick, Drake or Chance on the track. And if we stay with the thought process that he’s a producer then he’s getting praise reserved for Kanye and Kanye only.

I have had a hypothesis for awhile that Chance the Rapper is too nice and this could be why Donnie is getting all this praise. Here, let me explain:

-Chance is “too nice” and will promote his friends to the death
-Donnie is one of Chance’s best friends and part of the production group The Social Experiment which is headlined by Chance
-Chance has become one of the biggest rappers/ internet sensations of the past year
-Donnie is riding Chance’s wave and undying loyalty to the top of the trumpet game

Boom. Recipe for success right there. I’m not saying Donnie Trumpet should stop making music. I’m not saying he’s bad at making music. I think I even said he’s good at that (Source about 300 words up). I’m just asking the age old question of why is a singular trumpet player receiving so much love.



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