“They just mad cuz I got the Midas’ touch”

We’re going Baaaack to Back. Take that Bobby Hurley!!! You were offended by our offer? Well it looks like we didn’t need you. Who cares if you get to leave Buffalo if you only go to Arizona St. to not make it? I obviously care but that’s out of spite, no one else does. As I’m typing this UB just got seeded as the 14th seed squaring off against the U. Well guess what Miami? Bearden is coming for you and he ain’t scared.

The fact that both UB’s men and women basketball teams made the tournament is so not like Buffalo that its a bad sign. I was sure they were going to lose it at the end when that fucking white kid on Akron was nailing 3s all over the place. It made the game more fun (also very unlike Buffalo) but it had meltdown all over it.

Watching UB on St. Patrick’s day is going to be one hell of a ride I hope that I live through.