Blah blah blah, I’ve used this picture before, blah blah blah. I’ve got one thing to say. Do you see how good he looks? Top 5 suit of all time. I should use it every time I talk about Conor. Well apparently Conor can play PS4 as well as he fights. That has to be true because I’ve played this game and it is near impossible to do anything right. Maybe that’s because I’ve only been in one fight on my life when my friends and I got “jumped” in Toronto. Or maybe he’s just good at everything from trash talking to video games (because they don’t go together well or anything).

Let’s talk about accents. I normally hate accents even on girls, it feel like it’s all a big joke that I’m not a part of. How can people in the South honestly think it’s normal to talk like that? They basically talk in a bunch of jokes because of their accent. Saying that, you don’t want to know what I would do to have an Irish brogue. Hypocritical? Maybe. I’ve thought this for awhile but Conor makes me want it even more. When he said “You come here often Conan?” I lost it. It was so funny but so cool at the same time. It’s the accent version of sweet n spicy. A once thought impossible to work together but it turns out to be great. I must develop a brogue. I hope that just come with the citizenship.If not, someone needs to teach me how. My grandpa had a very thick brogue and spoke some gaelic. I definitely should have picked some of that up so I can seamlessly transition into Conor’s entourage when he finally asks if I want to join.