If we’re being honest, I really enjoyed writing that last blog about McGregor. Embracing the Irish heritage all while growing as a UFC fan, and I’m wearing shorts right now. What a Time to be Alive. This newfound joy has me thinking I should start following Conor McGregor on WhiteBored. I don’t know how this is going to go and if we’re still doing that honesty thing, I don’t know much about my Irish heritage. For example, I can never remember what counties my grandparents are from. But I do know this, I have been to Ireland once and I did navigate around the whole country.*  I do have distant relatives living there. I have celebrated St. Patrick’s Day every year of my life. And I do enjoy listening to a nice Jig every once in awhile.

Back to UFC for second. It seems as if UFC 200 is going to be the next time McGregor fights. Both Aldo and Conor’s camps are pushing for a rematch. As a new UFC fan, I would love this. Rematches are great and Conor just called him a pussy. Good times. Over/Under 10 second knock out? My green blood says under. What’s up with dos Anjos telling Conor to be a man? Yeah he tapped out but at least he showed up? I’m unsure how it works in Brazil but on our great island fighting is better than not fighting. Maybe it’s not a Brazilian thing to not show up to fights. Maybe it’s just the lack of oxygen in his brain from “being a man.”

If you were wondering, yes I am kinda scared to be insulting people who can kill me in the blink of an eye. And if this resident Irishman won’t make fun of professional fighters than who will?

*When we vacationed to Ireland I sat shotgun instead of my mom because they apparently don’t have working GPS there and I was better at reading a map. So yes I did navigate the country of Ireland in 10 days. No big deal.