I’m watching the Warriors lose to the Lakers right now and remembered that I forgot to write this blog (Steph with another missed 3). Let me start this by saying I like the Warriors and all players on their team. I think they are going to break the record and deserve too. There’s just too many signs showing that they won’t win. This team is down by 21 to the Lakers right now, if you don’t know.

The number one sign was the Panthers losing to the Broncos in Super Bowl. That is very, very bad omen if you are a Warriors fan. There are too many similarities in the teams. Their swagger, the quick come-up, a young team. Steph and Cam are the same person playing different sports. Not to mention that Steph was basically on the Panthers at the end of the season there. And the Broncos? Well they’re the Spurs. Old man Peyton is basically Timmy Duncan and both teams are unparalleled defensively.

And really, how many good things can happen to Oakland? People always say that the Raiders personify the city perfectly. If that really is the case then they don’t deserve the best record in NBA history AND 2 championships in the span of 2 years. Few cities deserve and definitely not Oakland.

I know that there are like 1,000,000,000,000 stats showing that this isn’t possible, but I can bet you with quite some certainty that there are some stats that show this is what will happen: The Warriors will break the Bulls’ record with about 73-74 wins. Beat OKC in the Western SemiFinals in 6 games. Then they will match up with the Spurs and lose in 5 games. Yes 5. Since were kinda talking about Pop and championships, I NEED to see a finals between Pop and Wonder Kid Brad Stevens. The coaching in those games would be unprecedented and amazing to watch if you like basketball.

The picture I set was the saddest picture of the Warriors I could find and I’m pretty sure that isn’t good for my side of the argument.

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