I think that these things are going to be quick and to the point, not a million words about sung words. Kendrick brought the heat (again as expected), and in my slightly humble opinion I think these songs sound a lot like a mix of Good Kid, Maad City and To Pimp a Butterfly.

Did that Spotify thing work? First things first where the fuck are the song titles? I don’t care what you’re going for but it took me way too many listens to figure out which song was which. And that’s not that tight. Once I finally figured them out I realized that Untitled 2, 3, and 6 were my favorites. Untitled 2 is the best song on the album (I think everyone thinks this, but the general public should get back to me on that). The different flows he uses are awesome and calling TDE the mafia of the west is such an incredible move. And they really are. A lineup featuring KDot, Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and Isaiah Rashad has the swagger and and ability to kill (lyrically, of course) anyone without hesitation just like the NYC Mafia in it’s prime.

The honorable mentions are Untitled 1, 5 and 8. I know that I’ve now selected 6 out of the 8 songs but what do you guys want when there are only 8 songs? And that doesn’t mean the other 2 are bad either. Just let know what you think about this.

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