As you guys probably don’t know, I am newly a dual citizen of the great countries America and Ireland. My knowledge of this Irish citizenship is that my grandfather was from Ireland so all of his kids and grandkids can become Irish citizens. I’ve only been to Ireland once so I’ll probably have to work on that.

Obviously I wanted McGregor to win but not only because of my Irish heritage but because I actually liked him. It’s easy to. Who cares that he trash talks? How else is he supposed to get paid? And after he lost he took it better than probably anyone expected. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he got changed into his incredible suit, found Diaz and then started throwing punches while calling him a pussy. To everyone’s surprise, he did the opposite. He actually talked to the media asking him questions, then took to instagram and gave us his thoughts. He didn’t disrespect Diaz, but said he would see him again (I would pay way more than $60 to watch that). Of course he still bragged about himself saying that he had to jump up so much weight and that he actually showed up. I love that he brags about eating steaks for breakfast. Who wouldn’t do that if you had that much money and worked out that much? I would. The best part of the post was when he turned into Drake and made the people who wouldn’t fight him into his Meek Mills. He called Aldo and Dos anjos pussies and said “boxing fingers turn to Twitter fingers” (probably not an exact quote it’s called entertainment). So when Conor McGregor comes back expect a tidal wave like surge from us Irish folk behind McGregor. We win with him and lose with him.

I think I’m officially a UFC guy now, that was the first one I’ve bought and it was amazing. So fun to watch and even when it gets boring the fans boo and that’s hilarious. The stories behind the fights are great too. Cormier v Jones in UFC 197 should be incredible. Holly Holm swinging at nothing right before she passed out was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Conor McGregor’s suit was one of the best suits I’ve ever seen.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.10.23 AM.png

Do you think now that I’m Irish I can be part of his entourage? Being part of a fighter’s entourage may be one of the best things to happen to someone. They make so much money and it’s okay to get into fights in public. Win-win right? If someone can make this happen for me it would be greatly appreciated.


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