Did this surprise you? It surprised me. So out of nowhere. Such a random pair and this point in time. I’ve listened to a few songs* and they’ve been okay at best. Some good ones, no great ones. What do you expect from a 2 Chainz album? Lil Wayne carried this thing farther than it should’ve ever crawled. Of what I’ve listened to Smell Like Money, Bounce, Gotta Lotta, and Blue C-Note are the songs worth listening too. Tell me that “ba-ba-da-bope” doesn’t get stuck in you head.

More important than this project, where is Tha Carter V???? Mr. Wayne, but I am sorry, you’ve had more than enough time to put this out. Am I Right? Just put out a great album one last time to remind everyone what you once were, please.

*By a few songs I mean I’ve listened to the ones with Weezy F. on them for what should be obvious reasons.