Source: Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy involved in altercation with 3 off-duty police officers in Philadelphia

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was involved in an altercation with three off-duty police officers this weekend in Philadelphia, according to multiple reports.

McCoy, along with former NFL running back Curtis Brinkley, had “a dispute over the purchase of champagne,” and “[Brinkley] grabbed the bottle,” which touched off the altercation at an Old City nightclub, according to reports.

A law enforcement official told that two of the officers suffered broken ribs.

McCoy played six seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles before getting traded to the Bills last offseason.

Not that cool LeSean, not that cool. Is it something with the name? DeSean Jackson has been fucking up his career all over the place and now we have LeSean doing this?? This is absolutely crazy, to get angry enough to break bones over a bottle of champagne is absurd. I mean, don’t get me wrong here, I like champagne but it definitely maxes out at a casual push away and take back on the anger scale. Not a full frontal assault.

I hope this isn’t as bad as it seems. I mean he hasn’t been arrested yet so that has to be a good sign, right? I’ve also seen some tweets saying that they had fractures skulls, and that there is a video. That would be very, very bad Mr. McCoy. Maybe Karlos Williams is ready to take off for a huge Sophomore season? I hope so because we may need him to be our #1 guy. I could see this as better for the team because Karlos seems more like a guy Tyrod would get along with, and T promised the playoffs.

Also how does this affect Hard Knocks? I can see them liking this. You never know.