Panther’s lost. Football season is over so now basketball season is in full swing. To start it off we’ve got All-Star Weekend starting this Friday. The NBA seems to be the only sport that has figured out how to approach an All Star type event. Except the whole letting the Chinese people vote Kobe in every year.



The Celebrity Game and The Rising Stars Challenge, never the best but never bad. You know how in the celebrity game there’s always the one ex-NBA player on each team? Well this year it’s Chauncey Billups and Tracy McGrady. I am out of this world excited to see T-Mac play again. I don’t care how old he is or what type of game it is, I always need more T-Mac. And Drake being the “coach” of T-Mac is a hard hitting 1-2 punch if I’ve ever seen one.

I’m rooting for Team World here in the rising stars challenge for the first time in I think forever. Wiggins and Porzingis on the same team?? That’s so much excitement on one team. I can see Mario Hezonja being the star. He keeps getting benched for being too aggressive. As a rookie!! That’s a superstar in the making for sure.


It feels like no one ever really likes the skills competition and I have no clue why they think adding big men will make it better. Unless they changed something and I missed it? Patrick Beverly winning last year is the craziest moment in NBA history. The 3 point contest is going to be the biggest it’s ever been because of Steph Curry. He may not miss one. But even saying that my pick is either Chris Bosh or Devin Booker. It’s always a random person who wins like when Marco Bellinelli did a few years ago.

I don’t know if anyone can compete with Zach LaVine. Aaron Gordon is going to have get real creative to have a chance and he’s the only one who has one. What even is Andre Drummond going to do? He’s not Dwight Howard. And I don’t know if anyone knows who Will Barton is unless you play Fantasy Sports.


Start of by imagining both of those teams best lineups. I’ve got Kyle Lowry, Jimmy Butler, Lebron, Paul George and Andre Drummond in the East. And Steph, Westbrook, KD, Kawhi and Boogie out West. That’s pretty evenly matched but the West is so much deeper. It’s incredible. They can throw out a small ball lineup of Steph, Russell, Kawhi, KD, Draymond. Or a 3 point lineup of Steph, Klay, James Harden, Kawhi, KD (if you don’t think he could play 5 in the All Star game you are a grade A fool). Sometimes in the 4th quarter they decide that defense matters and the West can use a lineup of Russell, Chris Paul/Klay, Kawhi, Draymond and Anthony Davis. And none of those lineups used Kobe (for good reason) or LaMarcus Aldridge. The problem for the East is that they don’t have Kyrie Irving. He can single handily win any all star game because of the style of play fits so well with his. If I were a star player in the West who was going to a free agent this year I would maybe think about moving to the East for some easier routes to the Finals. Just an idea for anyone out there, someone named Kevin probably.