Over here on Reddit, Tyrod continues to make steps in the right direction. He seems to always be that cool, funny and collected guy that he first started showing towards the end of the season. The way he answers the questions in this AMA and just in interviews in general, you can tell he’s ready to be a star.


The guy who can always spot/save you from a hooker is a guy you want on your side. And most definitely something you want to see in the leader of your team. Who else is supposed to keep Richie Incognito from all those gold digging hoes?


It only makes sense that TyGod likes Yeezus. Who doesn’t love their own kid? Even if that kid is the most egotistical kid on the playground.


Raise your hand if you disagree? Nope me neither.


The first thing I saw that made me feel weird about T was that he doesn’t eat pork or beef? How can an NFL player do that? Don’t you need the calories and nutrients those provide? I think he’s only saying this to make his trainers and coaches happy. Who can walk into the Chophouse, smell the delicious steak being cooked and not spend hundreds of dollars on it? Especially if you have millions to blow!! More importantly is that it’s good to know our QB can think logically. I mean even someone who “only eats fish”  can tell a hot dog isn’t a sandwich.


Worst questions of all time by these two. Who brings up Drew Bledsoe in 2016? Are we  12 years old? Also, everyone knows NFL players aren’t allowed to play fantasy so why would he talk about it on Reddit? Fucking narc. Get out of here.