Source: White Actor Will Play Michael Jackson in British Comedy – The New York Times

The actor cast to play Michael Jackson in a comedy for British television is Joseph Fiennes.

Notable: Mr. Fiennes is white. Mr. Jackson was not.

The reaction to the casting choice has reflected that, including one person calling it “so ridiculous that it’s ALMOST funny” to multiple others expressing how taxing decisions like this can be.

We’ve got white people playing Michael Jackson. We’ve got BOB thinking the earth is flat. Where has science gone? Do we not believe in facts anymore? It really is Yeezy Season if as soon as he drops FACTS that everyone stops believing in them.  It’s as if Kanye is the only one who can see the truth?

Yeezy Season

Swish  Waves  College Dropout 2.0!!!

(I understand its a comedy show)

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