Vince is sneaky funny and can go on great rants on Twitter. Whenever he does an interview he always says whats on his mind about everything so this GQ thing about NBA Players is top notch.

“Jeremy Lin is trash” made me actually laugh out loud for 30 seconds and I couldn’t hear what else he said about him. Telling Robin Lopez he’s better than Brook is such a shot to Brook and the Nets that he should just retire. KD being the coolest kid at the mosque doesn’t make any sense to me but I feel like that’s what happens when I’m a white kid from Buffalo. “Blake Griffin is amazing…at everything” Not throwing punches Vince!! Not throwing punches!! And holy shit Russell Westbrook does look like VINce, never noticed it before.I agree that AD looks good wit ha unibrow and the LeBron should just cut his hair. I also think it’s Vince’s voice that makes him funny.