Source: Fox News

Goats are more human than we think.

British police responded to an emergency telephone call on Sunday fearing a woman was in distress, but instead found out that the noises were being made by a goat.

A passer-by reported hearing a “repeated” wailing noise from Bristol’s Avon Gorge and a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter was sent in to investigate, the BBC reports.

A NPAS spokesman said the cries of goats “can be mistaken for humans in distress.”

A search of the area turned up a “number of goats,” but no humans, ‎NPAS Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer Ollie Dismore told the BBC.

The goat is believed to have been one of a group released into the gorge in 2011 to control the growth of scrubby vegetation and to save rare flowers.

Starting off with “Goats are more human than we think” is such a stupid sentence for suckers you have to love it. Wait, am I a sucker? Fucking England man, they can’t even keep their goats and humans straight. It’s probably because their teeth are so similar to a goat’s. The real question is who thought that releasing goats into a gorge would save rare flowers? They’re goats!! They eat anything and everything. That guy is the sucker, not me.