Obviously the lineups for this isn’t as exciting as the release of the all star game but we basically know who that was going to be. This is selected and then presented, a true surprise. I like staying with the USA vs World theme, it keeps it interesting and something for the players to get behind.

This lineup surprsied me because I forget half of these players are still only Rookies or Sophomores. A lineup led by Emmanuel Mudiay (against shaky D, Andrew Wiggins and Kristaps is just highlight nation. I feel like Mario Hezonja could have a big game, but I’m biased towards people named Mario for obvious reasons.

Team USA is younger due to the number of one-and-dones nowadays. Zach LaVine (GO WOLVES) is probably the most exciting person to watch on this squad. D’Angelo Russell plays a flashy game so he could shine in this type of situation. What is Rodney Hood’s Deal? Who doesn’t have Twitter? I understand the two people from Europe because they weren’t born in the social media crazed country. The Jazz locker room can’t trust Rodney Hood without a twitter. FACTS

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