From Swish:

To Waves:
(Kanye is a psychotic perfectionist and god bless him for it)

In the most Kanye move of all time, he changes is album name, again! I already forget what it was before SWISH but SWISH is an awesome album name and shouldn’t have been changed. In all honesty I don’t care what the album name is as long as it’s still out on February 11,2016. If it’s as good as he says it is, I’m just gonna call it College Dropout 2.0

A few things to talk about in the new picture. First and foremost, Kanye’s handwriting is atrocious. I can’t decipher anything he wrote down but he added a new song and hopefully red means it’s a Super Song of some sort. Are those signatures people who are on the album? I can only read ASAP Rocky’s and Swizz Beats. What about Kylie and Kim? Are they on it? It seems like they were there the whole time so why not. And why have three separate Acts if you had to add a song to get 11? That doesn’t make sense mathematically. Even though he keeps fucking with it, I’m not super excited for Waves, the album formally known as Swish and so should you.

2.0!! 2.0!! 2.0!!!

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