Source: D’Angelo Russell Benched For ‘Trying To Take Over Game’ – RealGM Wiretap


D’Angelo Russell was benched by Byron Scott late in the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Dallas Mavericks, apparently for his shot selection.

“I saw the last couple minutes that he was in that he was really trying to take over the game, and that’s not him yet,” Scott said. “I want the ball to move a little bit. I thought it stuck with him. He tried to make the big shots and things like that. I understand that, but to me, that’s not him right now.”

Who is it then, Byron? Who is it right now? You can’t tell me it’s Kobe. He is shooting the worst he ever has, everyone can see he can’t take over games anymore especially late in games since he’s ancient. Everyone except Byron Scott. He is loyal to Kobe and Kobe’s career more than Kobe is. Didn’t Kobe tell Byron to sit him in a 4th quarter earlier this year? Who would’ve ever thought.

In general, Scott said of Russell, “He’s been more aggressive to score. I think sometimes he’s taking what they’re giving him, and I think there’s other times where I think he’s kind of forcing the issue. He has to find a happy medium. He’s learning.

I don’t think Byron Scott understand’s how learning works. He isn’t going to learn if he’s not on the floor!! Kobe has announced he’s retiring, the Lakers need a new star and D’Angelo Russell seems to have the mentality so let him get better. He even has a better name than Kobe. Unless Byron is doing this because he knows they have a worse chance of winning with Kobe on the floor and its all about the draft pick? But that’s super unfair to Russell and fucked up right?