It’s a few games past the halfway point of this NBA season and I saw a Pokemon ad for their 20th anniversary so I just had to compare the two. Since I’m using rookies, I’m not going to used evolved Pokemon because that’s kinda the same, right? I’m going to be doing this by a quick gut call and a check to make sure that what I chose is actually a Pokemon and not just a bunch of random letters. So basically don’t expect too much analysis here and the list is my somewhat biased opinion.

5) DeAngelo Russell is Meowth. It’s not his fault that Byron Scott is a horrible coach and he’s stuck on a team obsessed with Kobe. Just like it’s not Meowth’s fault he has Team Rocket has his trainers.

4) Emmanuel Mudiay is Growlithe. He shows flashes of his high potential and he looks the part perfectly. He has the chance to become the equivalent of the evolved version of Growlithe, a 6’5 Russell Westbrook.

The next three obviously have to be represented by the original three you pick in the game, sorry Pikachu.

3) Jahlil Okafor is Bulbasaur. Great on offense and will be forever. Not the fastest of the 3. But defense is definitely a problem. Bulbasaur gets near anything hot and he’s done for, he’s a plant!

2) Kristaps Porzingis is Charmander. The flashy choice that every one loves. Incredibly skilled and will only get better. Also how does someone called Godzingis not get paired with Charizard? That would be unholy.

1) Karl Anthony Towns is Squirtle. Good right now but not as hot of a pick (unintentional pun) as Charmander aka Porzingis. Give him a few years though, and he’ll have fucking guns coming out of his shell!! How do you compete with that? Go Twolves.


For people who don’t know who Growlithe is (and yes this one took a little more googling):



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